If you need “A Doctor Voice,” hire Dr. Nathan Carlson!  Nate speaks with resident physician trainees and attending colleagues every day: conversational, accurate medical narration is second nature.   Physicians and scientists notice subtleties in their work because details often mean life or death for their patients.   This educated audience knows when a voice is “A Doctor Voice” and when it is not.
Although many “professional medical narrators” have fabulous vocal qualities, there are often mispronunciations on voice actor demo reels.   Physician-speak is understandably difficult for non-physicians to master, and it is amazing how many awkwardly spoken phrases make it into final multimedia projects.  It is a good idea to have a practicing physician help you to avoid embarrassment.
Hire Nathan Carlson, MD, to voice or review your project, produce a scratch track (to ensure your voice actor understands the roadmap to a flawless performance), or to write copy for and double check your own medical narration demo reel.
Dr. Carlson also enjoys voicing commercial copy, with experience voicing radio advertisements for products as diverse as computers to women’s shoes!